Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'll get you, my pretty! Your little infidel, too!

Reductio ad absurdum:

As if it couldn't be absurdum enough!

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives...

So who has the hammer?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tick, Tick, Tick...

Love or hate her politics (count me in the fomer), Michelle Malkin hit this nail on the head:

Why Now?

So why, after years of reading and commenting on other blogs did I finally get off my spotted arse and start one myself? Because I see a conflict coming that will make the everyday arguments about the social and political topics of the day seem trivial.

I'm afraid that what we call the "Western World" has become too complacent and willing to look the other way on issues that can spell the destruction of our way of life.

Time to add my voice to the murmur in hopes of raising it to a roar.

I want my teenage kids to be able to live in a world where they can worry about whether their opinions fall in the political center, right, left, left of center, or libertarian camps. And not worry that their left hand will be chopped off if they don't attend next Tuesday's flag burning.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Slouching Toward Dhimmitude

"The managing editor of a French newspaper has been fired over publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that are inflaming the Muslim world, where Pakistani protesters on Thursday chanted "Death to France!" and Gaza gunmen demanded apologies from European governments."

Ah yes, I remember the riots, kidnappings, burning buildings, and death threats when Muslims publish textbooks teaching that Jews kill Arab babies and use their blood to make Matzo and promise to nuke Israel as soon as they can. Oh, wait, that response didn't happen. But I'm sure I remember the beheadings and fatwahs issued against Andres Serrano for the "Piss Christ". Oh, you mean that response didn't happen either? Huh. Go figure.

But I'm sure the new Rolling Stone cover will result in car burnings all through the country. Yeah.

This is not Republican versus Democrat or Conservative versus Liberal. This is the light versus the dark. Freedom versus Tyranny. Civilization and "liberal thought" (no, not that kind of liberal, the classical liberal) versus, well, Shari'a "law" and dictatorial theocratic thugs that wrap themselves in the Koran while filling their bank accounts, executing rape victims, and stoning gays.

Average birth rate in primarily Islamic countries: 6+ per woman Average birth rate in Europe: Close to 1 per woman (population replacement rate, not surprisingly, is over 2)

Tick, tick, tick...

Giving in to the basest demands of radical Islam is not going to be a very safe path.

My Best,
Holy Furry Christ in a Car Seat!

"In Beirut, the leader of Lebanon’s Shi’ite Hizbollah said the row [over the cartoons] would never had occurred if a 17-year-old death edict against British writer Salman Rushdie been carried out."